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Brenna Bone

Brenna Bone Mesh Back Trucker Hat

Brenna Bone Mesh Back Trucker Hat

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Introducing the Brenna Bone Snapback Trucker Hat, a stylish and versatile accessory that captures the perfect essence of charm and ruggedness.

Color - Black: Crafted in a timeless black hue.

Material - Polyester/Nylon: Crafted with 100% polyester foam front and back framing, this hat ensures a comfortable fit. The 100% nylon mesh weave back promotes breathability, making it suitable for various weather conditions and extended wear.

Size - One Size Fits All: Designed with an adjustable snapback closure, the hat fits all head sizes perfectly, providing a secure and customized fit for both men and women.

Style - Snapback Trucker Hat with Rope String Borders: This hat features a snapback design with rope string borders and a 5 row stitch pattern on the bill.

Design Front - Skull Design with 'Brenna Bone' Embroidery: The front showcases a captivating skull design, expressing a sense of rebellion and individuality. The prominent 'Brenna Bone' embroidery adds a personalized touch, representing the signature style of the artist.

Design Right Side - 'Bone Zone' Stitched Patch: On the right side, a 'Bone Zone' stitched patch adds a unique element, creating a distinctive and eye-catching feature.

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